About Me

Hello all! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I appreciate each and every person that comes by to take a look at what I have to say. If you ever feel like messaging me or commenting... please do! I am open for discussions and making bloggy friends all the time. :-)

My name is Jessica and I started this blog as a way to enjoy my love for literature and the written word. I majored in English Lit, and although I love the subject I chose it has left a limited number of options for my career. You know what a career is, right? That thing that adults have to get in order to make money to have fun off of.

So what has that left me with? Of course my goal is to get published. I've written a couple books so far and I'm pretty proud of that... but I each novel I complete polishes me up until I feel like I'm ready to put that shit out there. It's a pretty scary concept. To put your heart and soul up on the chopping block. But the payoff would be out of this world!

So The Thoughtful Novelist was created to keep me on track and follow my journey through my literary life.

I live in Florida with my husband and my furry child (not an actual human child that is furry. I mean, of course, my dog). Stick around and get to know me! :-)