Halfway Point Blues

“Hitting that halfway point and don't know where to go next? We've all been there. This is when it gets hard, when you feel like giving up. I have one word for you: Don't. Don't stop. Keep writing. Yeah, the words might not be great, but guess what? You can go back and fix it. You're so close, don't stop now!” — Monica Murphy

Man it has been hard for me to get my story moving for a few months. I'll be honest, I haven't really written much of anything. My story is just sitting out there - in limbo. My poor characters are dying to have their journeys completed, but I'm too scared or blocked or whatever to keep going on them. I definitely needed to read this quote today. 

Why does the story get to difficult at the halfway point? Getting out of that slump is one of the most difficult things about completing a book. Seriously. I totally think you just have to push through it, even if you think the writing you've done is crap. You really can just go back and fix it later - that's the whole purpose of edits! 

So what do you think? Are you a writer, or aren't you? Yeah - get out there and get your word count, bitch! 
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