An Offer From A Gentleman

by Julia Quinn

Cover Beauty Score: 3 out of 10
Goodreads Score: 3 out of 5

Plot Blurb: Sophie Beckett is the bastard of a wealthy English lord who is left at the hands of her merciless stepmother when her duty bound sire dies of a weak heart. Years later, Sophie gets the chance to attend a fabulous masquerade among the debutantes and rogues of the ton - meeting the unforgettable Benedict Bridgerton who gives her a kiss she'll never forget. But it sets into motion events that will change her life forever.

My Reaction: This was a cute little retelling of Cinderella - a light romance novel that was a bit like candy. It was sweet and I knew what I was getting into and it was well made, but it didn't really move me or stick with me particularly. Sophie is a pretty courageous heroine and she was enjoyable to read, although I would say that her spirit deflated a bit towards the end of the story. I got a little fed up with how dramatic the characters were trying to make their situations when I didn't really feel like there was much to complain about. If I'm going to keep a romance novel on my bookshelf, that thing had better rip apart my soul, and unfortunately this one just didn't really live up to that standard.

Which is not to say that it wasn't fun - because it definitely was! It was a little light thing that was easy and enjoyable and a good way to spend a road trip. I particularly enjoyed the little intro to each chapter of a gossip columnist writing about the goings on of all the famous echelon in the ton. I must have read another in this series a long time ago by Julia Quinn, because I swear this intro is familiar to me. It was rather charming, I have to say.

Speaking of charming, the Bridgerton family is just adorable in this one. This "family finds love" series reminds me a lot of the Mallory family as written by Johanna Lindsay, and who doesn't love the Mallorys?! (If you haven't read that series, shame on you! Google that shit right now!).

So overall, enjoyable and probably worth the $5 I spent on it, but not really one I'd be interested in picking up again. This one is gonna go to Goodwill rather than take up valuable space on the bookshelves. Quinn is a great writer, though - she'll always be a firm choice for me to give a chance on a story!

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