Romance Novels on NPR

Imagine my surprise when browsing through my NPR Morning Edition stories, I saw a link for a Pop Culture Happy Hour that focused on romance novels! Needless to say, I got very excited for this - it's kind of amazing how romance novels are getting the attention they deserve these days. I think a great degree of that is due to social media and online communities - as they touch on in this podcast. Where before romance novels have been shunned and we've had to read them in secret... we now can connect to these hundreds of readers with similar tastes that can help our love for romance novels flourish! Isn't that amazing?

And the fact that NPR is touching on this billion dollar business that makes up a HUGE part of literary sales today is freaking fabulous!

So get your butt over to NPR and listen to this awesome 45 minute segment - you won't regret it!
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