The Smell of New Books in the Mailbox...

I'm so crazy excited to break into my new book. I ordered signed copies of Cruel Beauty and Crimson Bound back in January, but then I had to wait for Crimson Bound to be realeased and then the author had to get to the local bookstore to sign them before they could ship them to me. And then apparently it takes books a century and a half to get from Oregon to Florida... but now they're here!!

Look at those beauties - in all their crisp, new-book glory! The covers are velvety and gorgeous... I absolutely adore the rich colors of the design. They are gracing my Instagram (feel free to follow me!) feed right now, that's how in love with the covers I am.

I absolutely adored Rosamund Hodge's first book, Cruel Beauty (you can read that review here). Her writing is whimsical and romantic and classically eerie, like a true creepy and wonderful fairy tale. I cannot WAIT to tell you what I think of Crimson Bound.

The real challenge will be keeping myself from staying up all night to finish it in one go.

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