Demon Love Spell Vol 1

by Mayu Shinjo

Cover Beauty Score: 4 out of 10
Goodreads Score: 5 out of 5

Plot Blurb: Miko is a girl who works at her family's shrine, and they have guarded it for hundreds of years! Because of their rich history, everyone in her family has powers to see demons and ghosts and supernatural beings so they can defend the world of the living from these evil spirits. Unfortunately, Miko has never had any kind of special ability. Seizing her chance to save a crush of her best friend, Kagura, she uses a spell to banish the demon that is possessing him. And it works! Sort of... She soon realizes Kagura is a full demon and he is determined to have her undo the spell that sealed his powers.

My Reaction: So who says I can't review manga? Technically this counts as reading. Even guilty pleasures deserve critical attention!

I found this manga while perusing my local Barnes and Noble for the first volume of Kamisama Kiss (which I'm sure I will review shortly as well). The cover was a little cheeseball for me, but when I read the synopsis I was definitely on board to give this a shot. And I was delightfully surprised! What an adorable idea for a story... Miko has a tsundere tenacity about her that I particularly enjoy and Kagura is generally a good dude with just a hint of asshole to really polish off his character.  It makes for a super entertaining read - their interactions are great!

The artwork was very well executed - great attention to detail and clean lines... I love the artistry in this. The little chibi-Kagura is just adorable!

In terms of the story as a whole - it's a great read with a unique approach. Kagura becomes dependent on Miko when she seals his powers and makes him chibi which forces him to really get to know her. She has to do the same as well, and through Kagura's powers, she finally finds a way to see other evil spirits and to use her training to fight against them. Of course they become much closer until they fall for each other and begin to fight the bad demons together.

This is just the kind of manga/anime I enjoy - romance and action and a ballsy heroine that kicks ass and takes names with a leading man that challenges her right back. Great option for you manga lovers out there!! I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for them to develop this one into an anime series - it will be totally worthy of it!

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