A Little Reminder About Perseverence

So I'm participating in this writing challenge with RWA which conveniently sends me little motivational quotes to my inbox every morning. I realize now that I've been putting off writing for going on an entire month. What is wrong with me? I was going so strong for so long, but I feel like I traveled down the wrong rabbit hole and now the story is all tangled. I know that when I sit down with it again, I'm going to have to throw out 20k or so words. The thought of doing that makes me want to shove my face into a carton of Ben and Jerry's and watch Ever After until I forget about the cruel nature of trying to write a novel.

However, I can't really do that. I mean, I could but I don't think that it would really make me feel any better in the long run.

So when I got this quote in my email this morning I realized something. I can't give up. The only way that you won't see your goals accomplished (and this is for anything, not just writing), is if you stop working towards those goals.

So today when I get home, I will sit my butt down in my big comfy chair and tackle the knot I've managed to create with my plot. I'll get past my block and actually finish this book.

It's about damn time.

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