Too excited to sleep

So you know how when you were in middle school and you knew the next day was going to be a field trip day full of adventure and excitement with your friends so you absolutely couldn't sleep because of all that anticipation? That's how I have felt the last two days.

My book just seems to be flying out of my fingers. It's like when I broke through that block, it opened a floodgate of story. And it's so fun to get to know my characters! Do you know I have never written an action adventure type of story? It's ridiculous how amazingly entertaining it is. I mean seriously. I love romance, but writing something like this, I can have fun and danger and excitement and throw in that dash of romance for a little added bonus.

Basically it's crack. I'm writing my own form of heroine.

And that's totally fine by me because it means that I've pumped out around 17k words over the past four days. After a crazy dry spell, I feel like I'm refreshed and back at it with little twinkles lighting up my eyes.

I'm back, bitches.


  1. Gotta be nice to be on a roll! Glad you get to break through the writer's block. It sure is a nasty thing. Hahha it's how we readers and writers get high- by words.
    Anyway, good luck in your writing! Hope you will stay on a roll straight to the finish! :D

    1. Thanks! :-) So sweet of you to give me a little encouragement!