Live Writing: Breathing Life Into Your Words

by Ralph Fletcher

Cover Beauty Score: 0 out of 10
Goodreads Score: 2 out of 5

Plot Blurb: This is a general "how-to" book - a way to help you make your writing more vibrant.

My Reaction: Well this book came highly recommended via a member of RWA as a way to help make your writing more active and real. This person even mentioned that she referenced it often as she wrote her books. So I thought, sure! This is going to be a great option for me! I want to make my writing more alive and vibrant!

Well right when this guy came in from Amazon (yeah, I buy everything there), I was immediately thrown off by the cover. It looked like a 5th grader threw up his imagination on the thing. Still... I was going to give it a chance. Maybe there was some insane crazy simplistic wisdom within its pages. So I persevered, sitting down to read this guide book.

And it's an ok "how-to" book, I suppose, for someone who has never written in their entire life. The recommendations are basic, to say the least. It was strange that a majority of the advice was explained using grade school examples. And as if that wasn't the worst of the problems (I mean, I'll buy into the "from the mouths of babes" thing), all of those examples were in first person. Well of course it's easy to show your voice with first person writing! What about the rest of us, that write in something other than that? Ugh... no help at all.

And what really worries me is that a professional writer recommended this! I feel like if you're reading this book, you should be a middle schooler trying to write a short story for his mid term. Not an adult writing about adult issues for other adult readers.

Ultimately, I can see how this would work as an educational material, but it certainly shouldn't have a place for a professional author writing sophisticated books. It's the ABC's of writing... and honestly if you need help nailing this stuff down, maybe the writing game isn't for you...

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