Kiss that Writer's Block Goodbye

Let's get real. I've been dealing with some serious writer's block. And this block has lasted like ages. Like. Months and months of block.

Now you may be saying to yourself - "Well, Jessica, that sounds like laziness to me. Not exactly writer's block." You may be right. I will acknowledge that I've been in crazy town for a while with moving to a new state and getting a new job and all that life crap that sucks every ounce of creativity from your veins. Regardless - there hasn't been inspiration or motivation to carve out time for myself.

But this week, it's like something clicked. I finally got my shit together and my inspiration came flying back at me. I'm so psyched, it's ridiculous. I am like:

I mean seriously. If I had hair that long, I would literally go outside and swing around the trees.

So that's me. Updating you on what's going on in my corner of the world.

I also discovered this nifty thing that some writers use - a hashtag #1k1hr where you link up with other writers and sit down to write as many words as you can (shooting for 1000) in one hour. Talk about motivation! Those kids are crazy, and it's pretty motivational when you feel like you're about ready to fall asleep and somebody challenges yo to write more. I never could say no to a direct challenge.

So tonight I'm going home and pumping out a little more on my book and I'm going to kick that little puppy's ass. I've been living with these characters in my head for the past year and plotting it at least that long... it's about time to get them down on the page.

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