Stitching Snow

by R.C. Lewis

Cover Beauty Score: 10 out of 10
Goodreads Score: 3 out of 5

Plot Blurb: Essie is a girl that lives on a frozen mining planet, helping the locals with their productivity by engineering 7 mining drones that have far superior intelligence than any other AI that has been created so far. After a ship crash lands on the planet, Essie must hide her identity from the all too attractive Dane - a guy with his own secrets that came to the frozen mining planet from his own wealthy one in search of something secretive. Essie helps repair the ship, and ultimately starts a chain of events that will force her out of hiding and back into the forefront of a war that has ravaged the neighboring planets for years. Think Snow White in space.

My Reaction: Dang, that cover is beautiful. I mean really. Look at it! The digital format doesn't do it justice... I mean when I picked this puppy up in the book store my eyes were salivating! All that swirly feminine circuit board detailing is embossed and shiny and beautiful. Seriously, the most creative and pretty cover I've seen lately. I think it's my first 10/10 cover beauty score.

I thought I was going to fall in love with this one! I really did!!! After becoming a tad obsessed with the Lunar Chronicles, I thought for sure that I had found another winner. I mean, classic fairy tale reset in space? And it seemed darker and more serious, so I thought I could really get into and enjoy it. Which I did, to a certain point.

First, can we address how closely this plot resembles the Lunar Chronicles? (If you haven't read my reviews on those books, you can do so by clicking here). At first, I thought that this was an older book, and that Cinder had gotten all of its ideas from here. But low and behold, this book JUST came out! Like in Oct 2014 - which of course means that it had to rip off Cinder! I mean. Lost princess. Body hopping. Tomboy girl technician. Space. How close does a book have to get to another to be considered plagiarism? Because this one has to seriously be skirting the line...

Anyways, on to the substance! I really liked Essie's character. I loved her spunk and her gumption - her rough and tough attitude on her frozen planet was awesome. And she held her own in the ring with the big ol' miners. She isn't afraid to take a hit. I like that. So the story gets off the ground and as soon as Dane shows up, it really starts rolling. They have a bit of a dud meeting, but golly, as soon as he flips the tables on her, their chemistry ignites. I can really see how these characters mesh well.

The story was great - I loved the characterization and the plot was well decided upon. But ultimately, this book fell flat because of its inability to tie up its loose ends. There were so many story arches here that were never given enough time or attention. Lewis just wasn't able to follow through with her promises in terms of the emotional grab here. Not to go into too much detail, but to name a couple, Essie's relationship with her father and her coveted ability to program emotional AI were just kind of brought up and dropped. So much more could have been done here! It was one of those books that I wish I could have gotten my hands on. If Lewis had just given herself more room to expand on these plots and themes and characters... it would have been fabulous. Instead, it felt that by the end of the book, she just wanted to throw it all out there and get it over with, leaving the reader with a sinking "that's it?" feeling.

Ultimately this book has a great story to start and hits you with an intriguing bang - only to fizzle out with a sad little hiss by the end. Try it, if you'd like - at least it will look gorgeous sitting on my book shelf. ;-)

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