Sticker Contest Success!

So I guess I can officially call myself a "Lunartic" now (the term used for those fans of the Lunar Chronicles). After finishing up the three books in that series, I was doing a little googling on the characters and the author, Marissa Meyer. This is something I regularly do when I find a fabulous author that I admire... I like to see what their story is and how they got around to doing so well!

Upon reading her most recent blog post, I saw she was hosting a graphic design "sticker contest" for the series... Well what would a graphic designer like me do in this situation? Of course I spent an hour putting together a little sticker option because, let's be honest, it was a fun idea! Now of course I realized I'd probably be competing with tweens and teenagers and that it would be pretty embarrassing if mine sucked. BUT! I DID IT ANYWAY!

And low and behold if I didn't place with the finalists, and received a nice email from Marissa Meyer herself complementing my design and letting me know I have a goodie bag coming my way soon. So all in all I think it was a pretty successful venture... :-) This was my sticker design to the right!

And admittedly I need to write more than I need to design stickers for other people's books... but this was just some good fun! You need that every once in a while... right?

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