Across a Star-Swept Sea

by Diana Peterfreund

Cover Beauty Score: 7 out of 10
Goodreads Score: 3 out of 5

Plot Blurb: A stand alone novel that connects with the first book in this world, For Darkness Shows the Stars (read that review here), Across a Star-Swept Sea is a futuristic dystopian retelling of The Scarlet Pimpernel. We follow the story of Persis Blake, a rich aristocrat that has reduced blood. Like in the first book, the entire world was reduced (made mentally handicapped) after messing around with their genetics too much. On the islands of Galatea and Albion, they have developed a cure for the reduction. Of course this leads the newly cured generations to rise up against the aristocrats that have lorded over them since the original reduction occurred.  But really, they're out for revenge and are forcefully reducing the aristocrats left and right - in comes Persis who sneaks the aristocrats to safety in disguise. In her everyday life she's a vapid, air headed lady of the court. She runs into Justen Helo, a scientist from the revolutionary's side that now wants to repent and mend the things he's done in the fight. This looks like a recipe for intrigue!

My Reaction: I have to say that this book was very cute! Persis was a kick ass character that knew her shit and didn't let anyone tell her what for. I mean, who isn't going to like a character that pretends to be stupid so she can rescue refugees in the midst of the night?

That being said, I didn't really dig Justen Helo. He was a bit of pansy. Sure, he was a scientist that could probably fix the issues that was going on, but in my humble opinion, I didn't feel like he meshed well with Persis. She needed somebody to stand with her on even footing, and he was just... not that guy. I don't think that a girl that is confident in her own belief of right and wrong would be able to stand a dude that gets pushed around by his uncle into doing morally bad things. I mean... his little sister had more gumption than him!

I loved the island vibe of this book! Obviously I was imagining Hawaii or some other South Pacific location as I read... I would kill to be able to go to the Blake family home! And the star cove? How beautifull that was described! Not dissimilar to the glow worm cave in the first book... very magical and appropriate for a little romantic interlude.

Not that there was much. Romantic interluding, I mean. Again, I just with Peterfreund would give us a little more action! Even though I have to say that this one was better than the first...  that Persis knows what she's doing in a way that Eliot never will!

So overall reaction? Well, I finished reading it, so that must be a good sign. If I hate a book, I stop. I guess the chemistry between the two characters could have been better for me and that's the only reason I gave it a 3 instead of a 4. Ultimately, Peterfreund is such a good writer that she carried the book even though the plot was a bit "meh" and the romance was kind of "blah." But who knows... it might be right up your alley! I would definitely recommend trying it out! :-)

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