by Marissa Meyer

Cover Beauty Score: 10 out of 10
Goodreads Score: 5 out of 5

Plot Blurb: Picking up where book 1 left off (Cinder - read that review by clicking here), we are introduced to a girl named Scarlet Benoit who lives in France with her grandmother and farms vegetables. When her grandmother mysteriously disappears, Scarlet runs into a guy nicknamed "Wolf" that is pretty mysterious himself. When she finds out that he may have connections to her grandmother's kidnapping, she is forced to team up with him to follow the leads to find her, before it's too late. We also get to follow along with Cinder's story as she makes her way to find Scarlet's grandmother as well, who may have the key to her shrouded past.

My Reaction: Holy hell, where did that come from?! I mean, I enjoyed the first book well enough... obviously enough to pick up the second one. But I never even saw this little gem coming! Scarlet was a kick ass character... tough and independent in all the right ways without coming off as a bitch, which is a pretty tough thing to write, in my opinion. And Wolf blended perfectly with her... his brooding and mysterious nature mixed with the bit of danger he presented seemed like an excellent match for Scarlet. His gruff affection was swoon-worthy, and I can almost see how you could fall for him in the space of 24 hours.

But let's touch on the only shit thing about this book... a romance after a day? I mean... how much effort would it have taken to give him that job on the farm so she could fall for him over the space of a few weeks? Love at first sight stories make me want to vomit, so that should tell you how good the rest of this book was if I'm willing to skirt past this part as an afterthought. Hubba hubba, break me off a piece of any of those Lunar monsters... I like !!LOVE!! me some bad boy turned good!

And let's not forget the excellent pairing of Cinder and Thorne in this one... begrudgingly witty and snarky best friends? Yes, please! Thorne is a character that I really freaking enjoy. I felt like their adventure scenes were straight out of Firefly... the suave debonaire captain that is slightly less than morally driven (but really we know he's a good guy) is one of my favorite tropes! I'm super excited to follow him in the next book, because I'm sure it will be entertaining as hell!

The writing flowed well throughout the book, and I didn't find any slow parts. It was faster paced than the first one, sublimely more humorous, and contained a dark reality that I love to find in my fantasy sci-fi choices. I feel like Meyer just used Cinder as a jumping off point to catapault her into awesomeness with this one. Who ever said second books can't be better?

Go read Cinder if only to get you to Scarlet. It will be well worth the read!

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