Judging Contest Entries

So I've been putting off judging the 15 entries that I signed up to judge for the contest my RWA chapter hosts and that's probably not a good choice to have made. I know that 15 doesn't seem like a lot of contest entries to judge, but at 30 typed pages a pop I'm looking at 150 fully typed pages to read and critique. That's in size 12 font, people!! I feel like curling up in a ball and crying. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing how many other people have great ideas that they are trying to get out there. But I'm gonna be honest right now. For every 1 legitimately good entry I come across, there are about 6 bad ones. And it's terribly difficult to be nice to someone that can't write but hopes desperately that they can. Why do I have to be nice? Why can't I be the Simon Cowell of contest entry critiques? Brutal honesty only helps in the long run! So my big dilemma this evening is whether or not to put off the judging even longer... I did just start a new book (Across a Star-Swept Sea) that I would rather dive into. Decisions, decisions.

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