World After

by Susan Ee

Cover Beauty Score: 6 out of 10
Goodreads Score: 4 out of 5

Plot Blurb: Picks back up on the story of Penryn Young as she makes her way through post-apocolyptic San Francisco. After being kidnapped in the first book, Penryn's little sister has been experimented on and cut into pieces and sewn back together as some kind of super freak awesome monster thing. When her Frankensteinian little sister is rejected by the survivors of the camp where they find themselves, she runs away and Prenryn once again has to run across the state to find her. Of course, she also has her eyes on the lookout for her hunky archangel boy toy, Raffe, who still thinks she is dead from the end of the first book. Through all of this, they get tangled up in angel bureaucracy and game play, while finding out what the nefarious angels are really up to.

My Reaction: I loved the story. I did, I really did. Most of my love, however, I felt came from the first book and my loyalty to that one. I felt like the book was a bit overly cheesy at points, but that worked when the two main love interests were together. In World After, we find Penryn alone for a good 75% of the book. I mean, she's lame in a good way, but it only works as entertaining writing when she's bouncing that shit off of Raffe. Up until the point they are reunited, I really felt kind of bored with the story. I flew through the pages, knowing how good it would be once they were back in scenes together. And once that happened, it did not disappoint! Ee really has a way of writing their dialogue that captures the reader and lets them fall into the realistic banter of a young couple falling in love over mutually sadistic sarcasm.

I did enjoy the introduction of the sword as a character, but Pookey-Bear? Really? No. That didn't work. We got to see a bit of Raffe's past, which honestly I felt should have filled up the pages of this one. I understand that the reuniting of Penryn and Raffe was a major climactic thing, but it didn't have to serve as the major story arch of this book. In my humble opinion, we should have gotten that out of the way in the beginning-ish and then found something more important to work towards. Created some tension in the relationship... how fabulous would that have been?

I'd said it with the first one, and I'll say it again, though. How refreshing to not have a stupid triangle. Not all teen love stories need a girl being fought over by two hot guys. One is quite enough.

And Penryn was justifiably badass again. Thanks for a tough heroine that doesn't take shit.

So OVERALL? I'm glad I bought it hard copy for my library, but was expecting a little bit more. Maybe the next book will be just what I'm looking for and World After can be my convenient little stepping stone to that. In the meantime, I'm going to reflect on how many different stupid names she could have come up with other than pookey bear. I mean. Really?

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