An existential predicament: to self publish or not?

So lately I've been weighing my options. After receiving another rejection that was my last hope really... it was the last agent that had initially requested the full manuscript. I really believe in this book. I really do. It took a lot of work to go from my first novel to the one I just finished and I stand by it! You have to believe in your work and the validity of your writing... otherwise you might as well be flipping burgers at the local MacDonald's. Not that there's anything wrong with doing that. But it's not writing books for a living, is it?

Naturally reevaluating myself has led to the decision that I've been mulling over the past few days/weeks. Should I consider self publishing? There is this stigma, I feel, that clouds over the concept. As in, if I self publish won't I just be trying to validate my work myself? But if there's one thing I've gathered from the various rejection letters it's this; agents reject your work not because your writing is bad or the story sucks... but sometimes they just don't click with the piece.

That makes sense to me. There are plenty of novels that I acknowledge are well written and seem to have a good premise, but when I pick them up to read them I just don't get that thing. You know. You're a reader. That thing that connects you to a book. And what good would an agent be if they represented a writer whose writing they didn't CLICK with?

They'd be no good, I can guarantee that.

So if finding an agent is almost a game of chance in some instances, who's to say that my book wouldn't be loved by readers if it got out there? It's a gamble to self-publish, but it can pay off so much more if you find your audience. I think I could find an audience.

Writing is an exploration. Sometimes you have to take paths you once thought you would never consider. But is self publishing such a bad thing in a world that is leaning more towards digital publishing everyday? I don't need huge printing machines to get my work to the public. Just my amazon account and a website. And maybe a blog.

Oh, wait. I already have one of those.

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