Writer's Block

Yes, writer's block is a real thing. A real, annoying, frustrating, way-of-life-threatening thing. And I'm currently going through that right now. I have this story in my head that I want to tell but I can't come up with a way to make it work. I wonder if perhaps I'm trying to force two people together in my story that don't belong together. Is that what it is? Can that even happen?

I found with my last novel that the story flows much nice if you create your characters. Make them real. Experience their entire life with them so you know how they'll react to the events you throw in their paths. As a writer, you are the world builder. You create the characters in your novel, yes, but then you let them react to the shit you throw in their face. That is how the story comes to life in a believable way.

So is my writer's block a result of trying to put my two characters together when they don't really belong? Now that I've defined their roles, I feel almost wrong going back and changing them in any way. Isn't that funny? Characters really are people, for me at least.

So... how can I get past this? Well, I think all sorts of writers have all sorts of ways to combat the stress of not knowing what to get out on the page. I've heard many people just start writing and hope that the shit that comes out will eventually lead them out of the dark. But I'm not sure I like that method. I hate writing complete shit. Why write crap that you're just going to have to throw away? My method relies on planning.

I take a big sheet of paper, or a large sketchpad and just go at it. I create idea spider webs and bubble charts and draw pictures and write dialogue snippets. Anything to help me imagine where I want to go in my head. This way, I can see the ideas form on a page before me. I almost write/draw my way out of the sticky situation and eventually I can formulate a way to get past what's blocking me. I suppose I work my way AROUND the block instead of forcing myself directly through it.

Hopefully, if you're a writer, you're able to find your own method. I would say ANYTHING is better than no writing at all. And that's really what it comes down to. You either let the block stop you. Or you don't.

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