by Shannon Hale

Cover Beauty Score: 6 out of 10
Goodreads Score: 4 out of 5

Plot Blurb: We follow the story of Jane Hayes, a pretty sad pathetic girl that lives in New York and has become obsessed with the idea of Mr. Darcy and the Austen-like romance. Having gone through man boyfriends, she has almost decided to give up when her rich aunt leaves her a vacation to Pembrook Park... an estate in England where everyone dresses up in Regency everything and basically role play an Austenlike experience for three weeks. She goes and meets several gentlemen and struggles with her role playing life and her normal one. Lot of adorableness ensues!

My reaction: So I recently went to see Austenland in the theatres and was delighted with the movie. As an Austenite myself (pretty sure I've seen every costume drama the BBC has to offer) I thought that it was charming and hilarious and utterly fabulous for a rom com. I knew I'd have to try out the book and I wasn't disappointed! The writing was full of the author's voice, something that is sometimes difficult for me to grab in modern works. Many times a loud voice can throw me off a book, but this was adorable, I have to say. Lots of funny bits and I would have to admit some pretty classically cheesy scenes but I loved it.

Did I think Jane was a bit lame at the beginning? Yes. Was she able to redeem herself? In many ways, she did. The ONLY difference I would have liked to have seen would be that Jane should have had some alone time at the end BEFORE her man came after her and swept her off her feet. I mean, I'm all for getting swept off your feet, but the girl really did need to be happy with herself for a little while.

And let's be honest about Mr. Nobley here for a second. He gives completely unrealistic expectations of men. I'm sorry, but no guy is gonna be all "oh I want to fall in love and I'm in this for the long haul and can I please have your children." Those kinds of guys don't really exist. Do they? Honestly, who could really care when the guy is basically blowing romance crack into your face. No wonder Jane had fun on her vacation. I wanna get high on Darcy love too!

So I guess my only lasting comment would be... where can I sign up for this trip? Seriously. I wanna go.

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