The silence

I think one of the most difficult things about submitting your work is the interminable silence that follows when you have your standard number of queries out there and you are waiting to hear back. Thankfully, I at least have my full manuscript with about three agents right now. But the silence stinks. A lot. What do agents do when you give them your work? Do they sit there and just look at it for months? Does it sit at the bottom of a large pile of all the other work they requested fulls for? I'm pretty sure little goblins come and take the printed out version and turn it into mulch for their caves. And then faeries go and steal the mulch back and weave it back into a functioning work and redeposit it on the agent's desk. Then in six months, which is of course how long this process takes, the agent can finally take a look at it and give you a reply. Which will, of course, be a nicely formed rejection.

No, no, no... I cannot be negative! But if you are positive you run the risk of jinxing yourself, so it is all a big game of fates. Which side of the coin will it land?

Or is it?

Writing is not for the feint of heart. It takes dedication and self control and persistence... but most of all it takes faith. Faith in yourself and the quality work of the novel you've slaved over for weeks and months and in some cases, years. Never lose that faith in you. You are a writer. A writer. Be proud of that.

And so I must remind myself that silence is a good thing. If they aren't offering to represent you yet, at least they're not rejecting you! Keep that chin up and keep on typing...

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