It Happened One Autumn

So today I'm reviewing the romance book entitled It Happened One Autumn by the fabulous Lisa Kleypas.

Cover Beauty Score: 6 out of 10
Good Reads Score: 5 out of 5

Plot Blurb: Lillian is an American heiress who is in England with her sister and parents looking for a lovely titled husband to land, as many American heiresses were keen to do in the day. She has a group of friends, the wallflowers, who have all committed to one another to help each other find husbands. They all attend a country party at the house of Marcus, Lord Westcliff, who absolutely hates Lillian for all she represents. They keep getting thrown into one another's paths and when Lillian buys a magic perfume, she is amazed that it seems to work on the stuffy Westcliff. Romance and hilarities ensue.

My reaction: To start, Lisa Kleypas is one of my favorite romance authors of today. It's hard to find someone who is newer on the scene and offers a fresh voice to the historical romance genre, but this woman can pull it off. The Wallflower Series, especially, is incredibly funny and heartfelt, and I would recommend it to everyone! Although they can each stand alone, it's such a fun experience to read them all together.

Lillian is a bit difficult to get to like at first, as she's a bit of a ball buster. She does what she wants and flaunts her craziness, forcing her sister into the situations with her. But that is where Marcus comes in. He has a stick up his ass at the beginning, and you almost don't like him for it, but he respects others at least, which is where Lillian falters. However, their story is so charming and Kleypas writes beautifully enough to carry you through it. And ultimately, Lillian is able to grow throughout the book with Marcus' help. By the end, you see how she becomes a woman and realizes that she can be herself and live her own life without disrespecting others and the different lifestyle of British nobility. In the process, there are some pretty funny situations that you'll laugh at and enjoy!

All in all, if you want a funny, engaging, and romantic story, this one is for you. Marcus is one of the most attractive heroes I've read in a while, which is refreshing. He's a good hero. A good man. See? The bad boys don't always have to be the sexiest ones! As Colin Firth so eloquently stated in Bridget Jones when Rene says "nice boys don't kiss like that," "OH YES THEY FUCKING DO!"

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