And there it is...

The thing that every writer dreads will come has finally caught up to me. After two weeks of dread about submitting my queries and only hearing two positive requests (partials! eep!) I finally received a rejection. And this was from one of the agents who loved my query last year! She said her door was always open to future queries, and I had big hopes for that one. Alas, my dreams with her were not to be. I'm struggling with this ridiculous waiting game. I feel like a guy on a fifth date and I know if someone would just let me into their bed it would be fabulous! But I keep getting cockblocked at the door.

Ok so maybe that analogy is not the most eloquent, but it's the truth!

So what's my plan now? Well I talked to some writer friends and have established a query plan that goes something like I send out a new query for every rejection I receive. That means I have to pick a new agent today... currently I have 15 out there floating around and only three have actually responded so far. I wonder if I'll hear back from all of them eventually.

So the rest of my day will consist of starting my new manuscript (holy hell, am I there already?!!?), sending out a new query, and scrubbing the crap out of my kitchen floor that has some Godforsaken stain on it from the adorable rug I bought from Pier One. Any ideas for that? I thought not.

Fighting the writer blues.

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